As "the young person" in the race, I know how important it is to address housing scarcity. I am one of the few of my friends from high school who can afford to continue living in Contra Costa County. This should be heart breaking for all of us. Don't we want the next generations to be able to afford to live where they grew up? Additionally, individuals of various incomes should be able to afford to call Walnut Creek home.

I'm excited that the current city council and our city's staff were able to receive approval for their housing element plans. We need to make sure they are implemented and, hopefully, even surpass the goals.

We should look into policies that will allow for local sources to help finance affordable housing, home ownership, and support infill housing.

Walnut Creek can support additional housing, without becoming a city of tall buildings like New York. We can keep our community feel, but also still make our city affordable.

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